Holocaust Museum Shooting: Still Trying to Shut Us Up!

Hi Folks, Proud black conservative, Lloyd Marcus here. I’m in Fort Worth, Texas speaking and singing at the America’s Awakening rally tonight. Recently, I jokingly gave my white fellow patriots permission to speak the truth regarding the Obama administration.

Tonight, I will share my story of why I chose conservatism over liberalism. I will also encourage my white fellow patriots to speak out against the power grabbing control freak, King Obama. His color trumps EVERYTHING! No white president could get away with what Obama is doing.

Like sharks with the smell of blood in the water, the media is all over the Holocaust Museum shooting trying to portray the shooter as a right wing nut birthed from conservatives speaking out.

WRONG! This guy is a left wing hate-filled nut case. The left leaning bias media wants to use this tragedy to shut us up; to make us afraid to speak out against an out of control radical agenda administration. Please, please, please do not fall for it, for the sake of our children!

They crucified Rush Limbaugh for saying he hoped Obama’s radical agenda fails. Well, hang this proud black, America loving, conservative right beside Rush. Because, I too, hope this president’s anti-American agenda fails. SPEAK OUT, MY BROTHERS & SISTER’S…SPEAK OUT!!!

God Bless, Lloyd Marcus
Singer/songwriter of “American Tea Party” anthem
President, NAACPC (National Association for the Advancement of CONSERVATIVE People of Color)

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