“We The People” wins RAVE REVIEWS! New Tea Party Unity Song by Lloyd Marcus. National Release: Tuesday June 23rd

“We The People” by Lloyd Marcus is a song that touches the heart and soul of all who hear those inspiring words and soaring music.  Awakened is the spirit of patriotism that arouses citizens to stand up and fight to save our nation from being destroyed by socialism.”
Frances Rice
Lieutenant Colonel, US Army , Retired
Chairman, National Black Republican Association

Lloyd, this is one of the most beautiful songs i have ever heard.  It is sooooooooo powerful, i played it 10 times. It’s emotional, perfect, holy and darn full of passion and it will be a song that will be heard all over this land for a long time to come.  It will fill the crowd with emotion and remind us all how much we love America.”
Joyce Rae Kardos

Washington DC Tea Party

Wow, Lloyd! You were right about the goosebumps!”
Marie Stroughter
Co-Founder, African-American Conservatives

Lloyd It is GREAT!!!” How could we get a copy to use at the July 4th Tea Party?”Jennifer Naskov/ July 4th Te Party
Rutherfordton, NC

You’ve done it, my friend!  Excellent song, production, theme, amicable yet firm, this song’s got it!  You’ve nailed it down nicely.  It has a “We Are The World” feel about it, and it’s the kind of song America needs RIGHT NOW!!! Well done, Lloyd.”
Mark Christopher Frimmel
Texas Music Project

Very very nice. Love it, Lloyd.  You’ve put together another fine piece of work.  It gave me goosebumps.”
Andrea Shea King
Radio Talk Show Host

That was beyond awesome.  I am so proud to have you as part of this movement.  Together we will take back this country and restore our nation to her original glory.  Thank you for this song and for your spirit.”
Adrian Murray
Texas Tea Party

Gene Sweeney

Lakewood Ranch / Bradenton / Sarasota Tea Party

Very nicely done my friend”
Big Dog, Blogger

Heather Bryden
Santa Barbara Tea Party

Lloyd, This is magnificent. Your talent is boundless and a gift from God.”
DR. Rich Swier, Red County

It really truly moved me...still tears rolling down my cheek.  God  will definitely be there for us if we all stand united!!  Thank you!!”
Chelene Nightingale
Save Our State/ California Tea Party

Lloyd – When will I be able to purchase?  I listened and man – o – man home run buddy!!!!!  I love it.  I am telling all of my friends and co-workers.  You are wonderful keep up the good work.”
Konnie Semonski

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