Defeat Obama: The Power Of One Patriot!

I am traveling on Tea Party Express VI national bus tour.  During one of the long rides between cities/rallies, I watched a very disturbing and enlightening documentary titled AGENDA: Grinding America Down.  Folks, it scared the you-know-what out of me.  The movie superbly chronicles how the Marxist, Socialist, and Communist have been systematically orchestrating the destruction of America “from within” for many, many years.

I have been writing about all the things the left has been doing for years: dumbing down and indoctrinating our kids, banning God from the public square, attacking Christianity, pushing to make homosexuality normal, and getting as many Americans as possible hooked on government for survival.  AGENDA (the movie) reveals that all of the culture rot and attacks on our freedoms I have been noticing over the years are part of a well-conceived master plan to take down America.

Yes, we who love God and country are still a majority.  However, Mosca’s theory is that domination of society can be achieved by an organized minority over a disorganized majority.  Also, the America-hating left controls our schools — kindergarten through college; mainstream media; Hollywood; TV; and, horrifyingly, the White House.

The situation looks very depressing and hopeless.

But then I saw a book by one of the authors on our Tea Party Express tour, titled What Can One Man Do? by Joseph Spencer.  Spencer’s book title sparked me to think of historical incidents which confirm the awesome power of one person.

One evil woman, Madalyn Murray O’ Hair, successfully had prayer removed from America’s public schools.  Prayer has been replaced with metal detectors, nurseries for the babies of the students, and abortion services without parental consent.

One man with a “foolish” dream, Sam Walton, founded Walmart, which revolutionized marketing.  Walton’s Walmart blesses shoppers with an average of 17% annual savings on groceries.

Two examples of the “power of one.”  One evil.  One good.

Suddenly, I was struck by the extreme urgency of each and every American patriot continuing to do his or her part.  America is speeding down the road to destruction.  We the People must grab the steering wheel, slam on the brakes, and make a hard U-turn in the opposite direction.

On the Tea Party Express, I am extremely honored to travel with powerful courageous individuals who love God and country.

Please allow me to introduce you to a few members of our Tea Party Express family.

Comedian Jim Labriola played Benny on ABC’s hit comedy Home Improvement.  Years ago, Jimmy became a born-again Christian.  His new faith transformed him into a family-friendly stand-up comic.  The change cost Jimmy a great deal career-wise, but he has no regrets.  God has greatly rewarded Jimmy.  Jimmy is hilarious, and audiences love him.

Young Hispanic Youth Minister “Politik” (David Saucedo) is a fearless outspoken conservative rapper.  David has a heart for and feels a tremendous calling to reach out to the poor and minorities, educating them to the virtues of conservatism.

Ron and Kay Rivoli (Rivoli Revue) have received death threats because of their hit YouTube music video which has over a million views, “Press One For English.”  You may have caught Ron and Kay on the Mike Huckabee TV Show.

Since 2009, San Francisco Bay area pop singer Diana Nagy opens every Tea Party Express rally by leading the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance and singing the National Anthem.

Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee, founder of, shares the heroic tale of her decorated son, Marc Allen Lee.  Marc was the first Navy SEAL killed in Iraq.

Michael Holder, famed as “Mr Constitution,” is described by Michelle Malkin as her “brilliant friend.”  Mike is a speaker on the tour sharing from his book, The Constitution Made Easy.

Folks, these are just a few of the awesome patriots who are members of our Tea Party Express team/family — people who are totally committed to restoring our great country.

In attendance at our rally in Springfield, MO, I ran into a senior retired couple I recognized from other Tea Party rallies.  Their van is a billboard reading, “Repeal Obama Nov. 2012.”  The woman shared that their children are fearful regarding her and her husband’s safety.  Their daughter said, “Mom, there are crazy people out there.”  The courageous patriot mom’s response was that whatever happens is in the Lord’s hands.  She also added that this is no time to be politically correct.  She and her husband are also taking “preparedness classes,” arming themselves with facts to inform those who are clueless about Obama’s and the left’s socialistic anti-America agenda.

Committed, “all-in” patriots such as the senior couple and our Tea Party team are the heart and soul of the Tea Party movement.  Your songs, your books, your letters, your grassroots organizations, and your YouTube video rants — we desperately need them all!  This is how We the People defeat the left, led by president Obama, and their plan to take down America!

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

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  1. chesamy
    May 18, 2012 at 10:57 pm

    Lloyd, you make my heart sing! You’re a true patriot!

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