A Heavy Heart For America.

Dear Patriots. I am not going to lie to you. My heart is heavy this morning. Rush said something which troubled me. Rush said we are losing our country. I interpreted Rush’s comment to mean more and more Americans are clueless about our Constitution; clueless to the value and cost of freedom and are embracing Obama’s vision of a government-dependent entitlement-minded America.

This is one time I pray brother Rush is wrong. I have attended over three hundred tea parties performing my “American Tea Party Anthem” and speaking. Recently, I was in Wisconsin helping the patriots to defeat Obama’s minion’s recall of their awesomely courageous patriot, Gov. Scott Walker.

You guys on our side are wonderful! You are all sacrificing, giving your money, working long hours, using your creative gifts and talents – fighting Obama’s assault on our freedom, liberty and culture; fulfilling his vow to “fundamentally transform America”. For your efforts, I love you all.

Your commitment and love for our great country is what gives me hope that we will defeat the evil Obama administration. While I do not mean to offend our non-Christian patriots, I must add that my ultimate hope and strength comes from my faith in God.

I am extremely excited about my divinely inspired soon to be released new song titled, “We Are Americans”. My prayer is that it will be another unifying and inspirational piece of the puzzle of God’s plan to lead us to victory in November.

Evil (the Obama administration and his media Juggernaut) presents themselves as a powerful oak tree. In reality, their roots are shallow and weak without substance, truth, honor and righteousness. The mighty wind of our divinely inspired tea party will blow them down!

Please, please, please stay hopeful and keep fighting brothers and sisters. America is worth it.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American
Chairman, The Campaign To Defeat Obama