New American Tea Party Unity Song Up Date

GREAT SESSION!..recording backup vocals for my new unity tea party movement song. We were extremely fortunate to have a Dream Team of six singer/songwriters and vocalists singing on the project. Each sang numerous parts. And, THEY NAILED IT!

Bill Scott is a Broadway style composer and recording artist with an awesome huge voice, Jimi Pappas is a multi talented singer/songwriter, percussionist, guitarist and recording artist. Jimi has toured with the greats including Chubby Checker. Jen Stackpole is a brilliant young singer/songwriter similar to Carol King. Jen has performed on stage all over the world with many top acts including Kenny Rogers.

Ginger! one of a kind; singer, entertainer & songwriter. Ginger! is a cross between Cher and Anne Murray. The woman has Great Chops and sings EVERYTHING from country to Broadway.

Brother and sister, Steve and Rhona are from the McPhersons family southern gospel singers. With their sister Anita, the McPhersons brought down the house at the Orlando Tea Party with their incredible rendition of the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

By the way, when he was 21, Steve McPherson was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Today, Steve is 29, married, father of three and cancer free. Steve is a man of faith and thanks Jesus for healing him.

Now, my genius producer, Frank Starchak will prepare their hundreds of vocals for me to perform my lead vocal.

For those of you unfamiliar with recording sessions, you can plan well. But if the magic or chemistry in the studio does not happen, the session is a bust! The magic was there “big time” tonight! I will keep y’all posted. Thanks, Lloyd