Lloyd’s Life Lessons: Grateful For The Old Wise Man In My Life.

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Lloyd’s Life Lessons: Grateful For The Old Wise Man In My Life.

Whenever I mention sports to my wife, her eyes glaze over. Thus, I preface my comments saying “This is not about sports. It’s about life”.

Quarterback Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys pro football team masterfully lead his team down the field to pending victory. All they needed to do was kick a short field goal to win the game. Romo was supposed to spot/hold the ball on the ground for his kicker. Unbelievably, Romo dropped the ball destroying his kicker’s opportunity to kick the winning field goal.

With only minutes left in the game, Romo sat on the sideline heartbroken with his head hung low.

Former pro football coach John Madden was one of the TV announcers. Madden said, “Somebody needs to tell Romo to get his head up. This game is not over and he still has to lead his team”.

Madden was saying leadership is understanding it is not about you. As the Bible says, “To whom much is given, much is required”. You do not have the luxury of sulking over your mistakes. True leadership is putting the needs of your team before your needs. Now, get your head together and get back out there and LEAD!

There was something heartwarming about the strong wise old coach mentoring the young quarterback.

A psychologist on TV said fathers are not particularly necessary. She said there is nothing a boy needs to know that can not be taught to him by his mother. I thought,“This woman went to college to learn this nonsense”.

Boys and young men crave male bonding and mentoring by respected elders. This is why so many single parent household fatherless boys join gangs.

We need more Godly men teaching boys how to become men.

The other day, I called my 84 year old dad for counsel regarding a matter that was “bugging” me. As usual, dad came through with wise advice. I thought, “What a blessing it is that I can still reap the benefits of dad’s character, wisdom and experience”.

At 84, dad’s brain is still sharp as a tack!

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American