Lloyd’s Life Lessons: Getting What You Give


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Lloyd’s Life Lessons: Getting What You Give
According to news reports, Black Friday shoppers were rude, crude and out-of-control. People were assaulting each other with fists, pepper spray and one incident even involved a gun. It sounded pretty threatening and crazy out there in Shopper’s Land.

Brave soul that I am, I found the courage to venture out Black Friday to hunt down the stuff on my list. While shopping, I cut off a gentleman who was pushing his cart to the checkout. Realizing my rudeness, I bid the gentleman to go ahead of me in line. He smiled and said, “No, you go”. However, I insisted and he said, “Thank you”.

At another store, a female complete stranger and I stumbled into chatting about how we spent and enjoyed our Thanksgiving. Even the checkout clerk joined in sharing a rave review of her Thanksgiving. Our three way conservation ended with us wishing each other a good day.

My Black Friday adventure did not include a single angry or violent shopper; no fists of fury, pepper spray or guns.

Sometimes trouble is unavoidable. But, in most cases, we create our world. In other words, we get what we give. People tend to respond to you based on how you treat them.

I remember when we were kids, my cousin seemed to get into a fight everywhere he went. My dad asked Vernon why he was the only kid in the family fighting all the time? Vernon replied, “People are always messin’ with me!”

Dad said, “Isn’t it interesting the common denominator in every violent incident is you?” Even into adulthood, Vernon never did grasp dad’s point.

Meanwhile, I can not go to the post office without postal clerk Rick excitedly telling me about the latest piece of furniture he is building.

My local fruit stand owner always jokes with me and makes sure to keep my favorite fruits and veggies in stock. Thanks to God and the way I treat people, my world is a beautiful place.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American