It’s OK for liberals to call blacks the “N” word

May 23, 2009

By Lloyd Marcus

“Maybe this nigger should shut up and learn his place” is one of numerous racist hate-filled comments posted on YouTube attacking me, a black Conservative, for writing the “American Tea Party Anthem.” And who is spewing this racist hate? So-called tolerant Liberals.

But how can this be? According to the biased media, liberal democrats are saviors saintly protecting blacks from evil rich white conservative republicans. Regretfully, their “devoid of the truth” marketing plan has been extremely successful. For generations, like zombies, blacks award liberal democrats 90% of their vote.

Like the woman in the old diet infomercial, I want to scream to my fellow blacks, “STOP THE INSANITY! Liberals democrats are NOT OUR FRIENDS!” They want to keep us on their “you’re a victim” plantation. Simply put, Liberal democrats HATE ‘uppity’ blacks who achieve without their programs such as Affirmative Action.

Here are my outrageously stupid beliefs which have caused libs to call me the “N” word on numerous occasions. I love my country. I tell youths all limits are self-imposed. No one is entitled to the fruits of someone else’s labors. I refuse to see myself as a victim.

Liberal actress, Janeane Garofalo, diagnose blacks who think like me as suffering from “Stockholm Syndrome.” Garofalo in her arrogance is REALLY saying, “Get your black ‘A’ back on the plantation. Who do you think you are? You are NOT free. You are a eternal victim. Every white American will ALWAYS owe you! GOT IT, you dumb, “N”?”

And yet, with help from their local buddies in the media, Democrats successfully brand Conservative Republicans as racists. History reveals the truth that blatant racism has been the elephant in the liberal Democrat’s living room for years. (

FACT! Conservative Republicans do not persecute black achievers. Liberal democrats DO! Blacks achieving without Liberal Democrat assistance are targeted for destruction. Examples are former Secretary of State Condolezza Rice and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. These two brilliant blacks should have been held up to black youths as shining examples of what can be achieved in America via character, education and hard work. Instead, Liberal Democrats despise Rice and Thomas. Rice and Thomas severely weaken the lie that America is racist with limited opportunity for minorities.

Also, the “victim business” can be extremely profitable. Remember when the NAACP got 54 million dollars from Dennys because some blacks received slow service? Give me a break! And then, there is the dirty little secret among liberal black democrats. Rice and Thomas broke an unspoken rule which goes as followed; to be true to one’s blackness, one MUST always harbor, at least a minimal, resentment against white America!

Here are more examples of liberal racism. A white blogger posted a doctored photo of black former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele in white minstrel blackface. The caption read, “Simple Sambo wants to move to the big house.” Liberal cartoonists published vicious racist cartoons of Condolezza Rice. They even called her “Aunt Jemima.” Former KKK member, Democrat Senator Byrd used the “N” word in an interview. Byrd apologized and everyone moved on. A few republicans who made far milder gaffs were verbally flogged within an inch of their lives and subjected to high tech lynchings.

The media ignores liberal democrat racism. I guess they consider it a kind of ‘tough love’ to reign in us blacks who have wondered off the victim plantation. When they call us the “N” word, it is only because they care. “Ouch, I’m movin’, easy with that whip!”

It is time for blacks to wake up and smell the betrayal. Democrat so-called compassionate policies and programs have destroyed many black families. Before Democrat President Lyndon Johnson’s “War on Poverty” in 1965, most black families were intact. Today, over 60% of black kids grow up without dads. Again, I refer you to ( The media and Democrats are co-conspirators in keeping as many blacks as possible crippled with a victim mindset and dependent on Democrats and government. Totally disgusting.

So, you libs and Dems, keep calling me the “N’ word. It only strengthens my resolve to keep standing up for the truth. In my best Charlton Heston as Mose impression, I command, “Liberal Democrats…LET MY PEOPLE GO!”

© Lloyd Marcus

2 comments for “It’s OK for liberals to call blacks the “N” word

  1. derekerwin
    May 29, 2009 at 6:35 pm

    Lloyd Marcus, I just want to say, as a white conservative, it has always bothered me that liberal democrats (biased media) have managed to successfully label us as racists. The truth is that this lie cannot be further from reality.

    I am 25 years old, a USMC war veteran, but above all else, I consider collaborative diversity among any group or organization to be essential. Not only does this allow all considerations and ideas to be considered, but a diverse group–with a wide range of talents, abilities, opinions, and voices–will be far more effective than non-diverse ideology. Because, when such a non-diverse group does exist, like many of the democrats, they tend to uphold idealist opinion over realist collaboration.

    This isn’t suggesting that there are not racists in all crevices on earth, which is unfortunate, but what’s worse is when the hate-filled racists feel cornered or threatened, they then revert to their core ideology and lash out against those who are different. Not in difference of policies either, they make it about looks or race. This is probably why many will attack you for publicly spreading American pride, patriotism, and diversity within a group where liberals simply cannot have this sort of collaboration and freedom. It makes the liberals look bad and it opens a ‘Pandora’s Box’, a hidden truth that many have tried to hide for years.

    Interestingly, it’s not very often (if ever) where I’ll see true conservatives lash out at a politician (or judge) simply because of their race. It’s always about the policies. But here’s where the liberal media loves to spin the facts — a marketing plan that has, as you mentioned, worked for some time — they will outcry using statements or news headlines such as “Republicans Find Difficulty Opposing [insert name here], Because so-and-so is [insert race here]!” This could be a typical headline or title to an article the liberal media will use, which completely distorts all relevancy to why conservatives might actually be against a particular person, which is for their policies. It also creates an issue that actually makes it about race, when in fact it never started out being a race issue in the first place. But when liberals attack conservatives claiming they are racist, it automatically puts republicans on the defense, having to prove themselves as not being racists. It’s a game the liberals have mastered over the years.

    Simply put, I want to thank you for everything that you do and for everything that you stand for. You are a true American patriot, one who loves his country more than most will ever admit or feel. Your pride and your voiced opinion for this country, and love for the freedom the USA stands for, are why I fully support you!

    I also purchased your “American Tea Party Anthem” song on iTunes! I’m eyeing your other CD’s too, and will probably end up buying every song you’ve ever written. You have an amazing talent.

    Keep up the great work — I’ve RSS’s your blog as well, and I continue to look forward to reading your future posts. It’s Americans such as yourself who make me proud to have served for this great country, because without US citizens like you, “pride” may become a meaningless word of the past.

  2. AlmostThere
    June 1, 2009 at 3:25 pm

    When the parents of children in Washington D.C. were told recently they could no longer have a good education in safe schools, that should have been a glaring red flag that the liberals in Congress don’t give a continental damn about the black community. This was such a blatant punch in the gut to the black community they would have been totally justified in marching on the capitol. A day or two of outrage and then nothing. What will it take?

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