Anti-Obama TV Ads Hit Wisconsin’s Airwaves – RECALL ELECTION


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The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama (website: has launched a series of TV ad buys in Wisconsin that inject President Obama’s failures into the Wisconsin RECALL campaigns.

The Campaign to Defeat Obama is spending over $100,000 on their television and online ad blitz with the goal of boosting turnout of conservative voters in the RECALL elections which take place on Tuesday, August 9th.

The ad campaign comes in response to aggressive involvement by the Obama-affiliated “Organizing for America” in the RECALL campaigns.

“Since President Obama decided to play politics in Wisconsin instead of focusing on the many problems facing this nation, we thought it was important for there to be a conservative counterweight to his actions with the recalls,” said Lloyd Marcus, Co-Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.

A copy of the latest TV ad being aired by the group can be seen below.  The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama is also partnering with the Tea Party Express for a statewide bus tour through Wisconsin this weekend.  Other partners for the bus tour include the Green Bay Tea Party, Tea Party Nation, Patriot Action Network, FreedomWorks, 60-Plus and American Grassroots Coalition.

See the latest TV ad being run by The Campaign to Defeat Obama in Wisconsin below:


The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama has been engaged on the ground in Wisconsin for the past two months. The organization, which counts several thousand supporters in the state, has also opened War Rooms in Milwaukee and Green Bay metro areas during the past few weeks as the RECALL campaigns have heated up.

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