An invitation for Wednesday April 15th

April 12, 2009

My fellow Americans:

I hope you and yours had a blessed Easter or Passover celebration.

This Wednesday, April 15th, is an important day.  As Americans file their tax returns, they will be handing over their money to a government that has been mismanaging the treasury of this great nation.  The current policies of tax-and-spend-and-bailout, combined with a near-socialistic approach to government intervention into the private sector, must be opposed and defeated.

That is why this huge grassroots “Tea Party” movement has sprung up, and I urge you to do everything you can to make it to a Tea Party near you.

Perhaps you’ve heard my contribution to this movement – via my “American Tea Party Anthem” – if not I do hope you take a moment to listen to it and post your feedback.

Last Friday, I left my home in Florida to perform at a Tea Party in Santa Barbara, CA.  After my performance, Michael Patrick Leahy (of Top Conservatives on Twitter) asked me to stay in California to appear on Pajamas TV. What began as me appearing on two Tea Party Coalition programs has evolved into me staying in California until after I perform at the Sacramento Tea Party April 15th.

Above: That’s me performing at the Orlando Tea Party

So, I am at what you might call “tea party center” and the movement is HUGE; over 600 scheduled and growing daily for April 15th. This INCREDIBLE movement was sparked by one man’s rant, Rick Santelli, and embraced by the American people.  How cool and American is that! (smile).  You can find the “Tea Party” nearest you – HERE.

Amazingly, the mainstream media have chosen to ignore this Great American Story. But that’s OK because God is on our side. Only a ‘perfect storm’ could have united and organized so many people.

I did my best, working with many of you, to defeat Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid from winning in last November’s elections.  While we may have lost that battle, it was only the first in the war for America and her future.  And I want you to know how dedicated I am to this cause — I will stand with you and work to ensure we win the 2010 congressional elections and then boot Obama from the White House in 2012.

Sometimes that journey will be rocky, something I learned on a very personal level during our efforts at the Our Country Deserves Better Committee’s “Stop Obama Tour” last year.

I had lost 40lbs, including muscle, of which I spent years in the gym building. Constantly with urgency I needed to urinate. Though I feared the worst, I did the typical ‘guy thing’ by choosing not to see a doctor. It was October and I had committed myself to traveling across the country on the “Stop Obama Tour” with Our Country Deserves Better PAC. I didn’t want any bad news.


Above: Singing on the “Stop Obama Tour”


I’m a professional singer/ entertainer. My job on the tour was to energize the crowds at every rally (40 total) preparing them to hear our speakers, Blue Star mom, Deborah Johns and national talk show host, Mark Williams.


Even though seeking the nearest restroom was extremely stressful, the tour was absolutely wonderful. I loved meeting the hard working, God-fearing, good and decent American people. I hugged a lot of folks, shook a lot and hands, prayed with some and shed a few patriotic tears.


Once back home from the tour, I saw a doctor. The diagnosis wasn’t too good: diabetes and high blood pressure. The doctor said my blood sugar was probably over 400 while on the tour. Normal is around 84 to 100. Amazingly, I never felt ill or lost energy on the tour. God protected me.


Now I take a few pills and have severely changed my diet. Currently, my weekly sugar average is around 130. With exercise, I believe I can get it in the normal range.


With Obama in the White House, lowering my high blood pressure will be a challenge. But I’m a proud conservative American. We thrive on challenges.


And I tell you all of this because I know that as you read this email you have your own highs and lows dealing with your own personal lives.  Yet, you too understand the importance of giving up some of your time and energy to fight for the future of our great nation – mankind’s last best hope on earth.


So gather up all your friends, family members and co-workers on Wednesday and bring them with you to a “Tea Party.”  Let us stand in numbers so great that even the biased news media and tone-deaf politicians in Washington, D.C. can hear our message and understand our position:  we will not back down nor give up until they change their ways.  This is a country of the people, by the people and for the people – and we the people are going to take our country back!


I am extremely excited and energized to “tea party” with my patriot brothers and sisters across our great nation on Tax Day, April 15th. 

God Bless, Lloyd Marcus – Our Country Deserves Better Committee

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