An Interview with Lloyd Marcus and Britt Craig on the Patriot’s Pipeline Radio Show

An Interview with Lloyd Marcus and Britt Craig on the Patriot’s Pipeline Radio Show

By MAS Media Group

Dated: Apr 08, 2009

On the Patriot’s Pipeline Show, we will be talking with Mr. Lloyd Marcus about his Tea Party Anthem
song. We will also be talking to Mr. Britt Craig from the Campo Minutemen. Our conversation will be
about Illegal Immigration and stopping it.

10 until 11 pm eastern Mr Lloyd Marcus “Tea Party Anthem”
Singer, Songwriter, Fine Artist, Writer & Proud to be an American Black Conservative
Marcus believes Conservatism is compassionate and is the true path to achieving the AmericanDream.
Liberalism weakens the human spirit by encouraging people to view themselves as victims.
National Association for the Advancement of Conservative People of Color. Marcus is president of the
NAACPC. Mission Statement:Support courageous conservatives of color fighting on the front line. Educate
Americans to the truth that conservatism is essential for their success and the preservation of our great

11 until Midnight eastern Mr. Britt Craig from the Campo Minutemen
Britt Craig is a leading voice within the Campo Minutemen as they lead the all volunteer coalition of
citizens defending our Southern Border.

Join us as we talk about the work the Minutemen are doing as well as the problems we have with Illegal
Immigrants flooding in from Mexico.

Join us Friday night and feel free to call in with your questions.


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Show, and Hill-Pehle Publishing. Most of our work is in the political spectrum and includes interviews with
many prominent individuals.

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