These Commentaries have been written by Lloyd.
Proud Black Conservative!

The Orlando Sentinel: Expect More From Students

April 24, 2005 Expect more from students Robert Moll, an area superintendent for Volusia County schools, was the keynote speaker at the Deltona YMCA/Latino Achievers gala dance. Moll’s speech made my heart leap for joy. First he gave statistics stating…

The Washington Times: Letters to the Editor – A Shining Example

November 21, 2004 A shining example As a proud black American, I congratulate Condoleezza Rice on her recent well- deserved presidential appointment to secretary of state (“Bush names Rice as secretary of state,” Page 1, Wednesday) after serving as national…

News-Journal Corporation: Letters to the Editor – Victory Supports Traditional American Values

November 14, 2004 Victory supports traditional American values I’m elated. The dominance of President Bush’s powerful red-states victory tells me most Americans feel as I do regarding God, family and country. It confirms that my love for my country and…