Vindictive Omarosa Furthers Trump-is-Racist Lie

I am black conservative Republican Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American; singer/songwriter of the Trump Train music video 
and the American Tea Party Anthem  
President Trump has black and Hispanic unemployment at historic lows. It is truly shameful that Ms Omarosa seeks to further the American left’s lie that Trump is racist because of her personal vendetta.

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  1. Graham Louer
    August 19, 2018 at 3:19 pm

    Mr Marcus,
    I was born in the Hoover administration (1929-1933) and am in no position to make a donation as I’m under the care of our daughter, but I did want to comment on your Kelli Ward article.

    McSally is such a fraud. Last I heard she refused to debate Ward, claiming she is too busy preparing for the general election. I have now seen 3 articles in American Thinker about this race.

    I think that if the sheriff, whom I very much admire for his beliefs, would drop out –he doesn’t have a chance at his age– then Ward would win, but that apparently is not to be.

    Better yet, if our President would come out to Tucson or Phoenix and endorse her during the next week, that would settle it.

    Thanks for your work for Dr Ward along with Mary, end for your many article, very good articles, in AT.

    Our country, about which I am very worried, is in the saddest shape since 2009 that I have ever seen, but it is patriots like you that are the hope for the future in my opinion. Good luck to you.

    Graham Louer
    Plano TX

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