Valentine’s Day: Grateful Shopping for Bathroom Flooring

Mary is my wife of 40 years.  A few weeks ago, we excitedly purchased a new bathroom vanity on sale.  We concluded that we should also replace the bathroom flooring.  Experiencing pain in her shoulder that got progressively worse daily, Mary saw a doctor.  The doctor’s diagnosis was a severe muscle strain and prescribed meds.

After a few days of taking the meds, Mary felt she was getting better.  The next day, she woke up screaming with shoulder pain.  She could not walk and was talking out of her head.  She was panicked, crying, “What is wrong with me?”  I called 911.

As paramedics carted Mary away into the ambulance, struggling to calm her down, I caught a glimpse of the new vanity.  Suddenly, I could not imagine our bathroom remodel ever mattering again.

I was at war with my fears.  Did Mary have bone cancer, a brain tumor, or whatever?  Meanwhile, Pastor Joseph Prince’s sermons about resting in God fought for dominance.  In a way I cannot explain, God gave me grace to deal with the situation.  Home alone with me, God, and Mary’s pets (greyhound, two cats, and nine birds) felt like a spiritual retreat.

After four days in the hospital, Mary returned home.  All her issues are fixable via diet changes and exercise.  Praise God!

Today, we returned to the wonderful trivial task of shopping for bathroom flooring.  This Valentine’s Day has taken on a special meaning for me.  I am extremely happy and grateful to still have the most beautiful woman in the world in my life.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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  1. Melissa B.
    February 18, 2018 at 6:50 pm

    Oh my goodness Lloyd, I’m so glad that you all were able to get answers (and you found peace) and she was returned home to you! What a frightful experience! Blessings to you both.

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