Are You Kidding Me? Youths Leading the Charge for Life

Are You Kidding Me? Youths Leading the Charge for Life

abortionbillboardI caught a woman on TV who ended her 10 year marriage to a train. One could say their relationship was a train wreck. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. She met another vehicle, sparks flew and she is planning their wedding. It was reported that a woman plans to marry her two cats. Everyone is buzzing about the New York magazine article about an 18 year old and her biological father planning to marry after dating for two years.  Isn’t it interesting what happens when you redefine marriage?

When asked about the taboo aspect of her marrying her dad, the woman said she didn’t understand why she was being “judged for being happy.” I have heard this argument before that with so little love in the world, we should celebrate it in any and all forms. The article titled, “What It’s Like to Date Your Dad” seemed somewhat supportive of the couple’s union.

Do not be surprised if ten years from now, our kids are taught in public schools that parents opposing incest are bigoted intolerant haters. It would be easy to conclude that we have lost our culture.

Yes, the mainstream media would have us believe that the battle for the hearts and minds of our youths has been lost to the socialist/progressive agenda. Then, I came across the 2015 March for Life rally in DC.

I thought, “Are you kidding me?” Leading the charge, using social media and creativity to defend the unborn are tens of thousands of young people.  Wow, what an awesome surprise! High school and college students are organizing to save lives. Despite the Left’s best efforts to indoctrinate our kids, young people are more pro-life than their elders.

I pray that black youths in mass are joining the youths for life movement sweeping the country. Black Americans are engaged in a self-induced genocide via abortion.  Some so-called black leaders have sold out/betrayed their own people for a metaphoric thirty pieces of silver (a seat of power at the Democratic Party table).

Rather than to Black America, their loyalty is to the socialist/progressives; protecting their mission of abortion on demand. This is why Al “scumbag” Sharpton had a cow and threatened to protest over a billboard in SoHo which exposed the truth. It read, “The Most Dangerous Place for an African American is in the Womb.” Sharpton successfully had the potentially black life saving billboard taken down. With friends like Sharpton and his ilk, black America needs no enemies.

Another example of liberals angrily and passionately blocking attempts to save the lives of black babies is Stop Patriarchy. It is a radical pro-abortion group up in arms because black leaders organized a pro-life rally to inform blacks that they are aborting themselves into extinction.

Folks, why are these liberals so angry about blacks telling blacks to stop killing their babies? Stop Patriarchy does not give a rat’s derriere about blacks. Their real agenda is defending the liberal sacred cow of limited population growth at black America’s expense.

Please check out this moving tribute to the 60 million lives lost to abortion in the U.S. since 1973.

As I said, it was extremely encouraging and refreshing to learn that liberals have not won the abortion on demand argument with our kids. As the song says, the children are our future.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee