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  1. monkeychest
    May 7, 2011 at 3:21 am

    My folks lived through the depression and although we lived pretty decently, we always lived within our means. It rubbed off on me. Here’s the thing though. I have never even made 100k/yr, but I have more than almost everyone I know who make considerably more than that. How? I have saved cash and purchased with it. I established a very high credit rating and have used it to my advantage. I have also given willingly to charity and have given my time to coaching little league and helping my friends and neighbors when I can. I also have saved for my child’s college and made sure that I was insured on all fronts. I started my own business 17 years ago and paid my own way on every front. I have also been pretty conservative since my teens and I am immensely proud to be an American. But for the most part my political statements were limited to disussions in the duck blind and at the bar. I also mostly thought that changes of Pres. admins. were just the normal ebb and flow of our system. Even though I warned in private of liberal policies, I never imagined what was to come with the coronation of Obama. It scared me from the start, but I never even thought of protesting or attending a public gathering. That was until I saw Nancy Pelosi claiming that the folks attending these Tea Parties were Astroturf. So I decided to see what this was all about. I attended a Tea Party in Racine Wisconsin on a 15 degree day in January in Farmers field. I have never been to an event of any sort where 4000 folks behaved so respectfully and civilly and believed in every thing that I did. Just regular folks from all walks of life united in the idea that taxation was too high and the govt. was too big. What pushed me over the edge was the news coverage in the following days. Now it was not just “them”, but me too who was being called a racist mobster. For simply assembling for a common cause. So here I was, someone who had done everything that anyone with a brain knows were the right things to do in their life being called all kinds of names by those who already lived off of my blood, sweat and tears and demanding that I do more. I’ve also lived through the absolute insanity of the govt union thuggery in Wisconsin. I attended the tea party at the capitol in 2010. The media was more interested in the handful of contrarians on hand than the thousands of good folks who left the grounds cleaner than when they arrived. Now, in the wake of the public union riots, the grounds look like the feed yard at a pig farm. The ironic effect of the Obama admin is that a vast swath of formerly quiet and uninterested America has now seen what the opposition is comprised of. It is not pretty. It is greedy, immoral, uncharitable, mean, criminal, does not in any way represent the narrative that is commonly assigned to it and is completely devoid of accountability or any sense of actual freedom and individual liberty. It is a movement that must be defeated through the means that our Constitution provides, which requires that we organize lawfully and protest vigorously. We must also remain willing to die defending our way of life whether that means in foreign lands or here at home. It is that spirit alone that has sustained us. It is also only that spirit that will sustain us now and in the future.

  2. snowflake220
    May 7, 2011 at 4:18 am

    I’m 55 and just before obama started to campaign for president I was not involved in politics at all. I didn’t even understand what liberal or conservative meant. I voted just once in a while and thought the government was SUPPOSE to tell me what to do. I was that dumb!

    Then I saw obama on TV and I got this very sick feeling inside of me that he was not a good person. Not because of his color but just the way he talked. I’m NOT a racist and am from South Dakota where blacks and whites worked side by side with no issues.

    I then started to research websites about obama and found a website that enlightened me to what kind of man he was. From there it just blossomed into me being involved with a Tea Party near Dallas, TX.

    I went to Glenn Beck’s 8/28 and met the most wonderful people. Along the 36 hour drive on a chartered bus to DC we stopped for gas and to eat. As I was leaving the restaurant a black man walked up to me and I was so afraid he was going to tell me off for going to see Glenn Beck. Instead he wanted to HUG me and THANK me for trying to make the United States a better place to live. He too didn’t like obama and was so afraid obama was going to destroy America as he knew it.

    I knew then being involved with the Tea Party was the most rewarding thing for me. I was trying to make my country a better place for my kids and grandkids. I’ve lost friends and even some family members no longer want to talk to me because I’m a Tea Party member. I’m hurt that they only see me now as a racist and hate me, but I love my country and want to keep trying to let others know how bad obama is for America.

  3. May 7, 2011 at 2:49 pm

    I participated in America’s first modern Tea Party. The story is told at

    I have been sipping HOT tea ever since!

  4. michaelantonio
    May 7, 2011 at 8:26 pm

    I was born & raised with conservative values, & as I grew into adulthood, I realized how true those beliefs are & how important it is to share it with the world.

    I am an entertainer in Las Vegas, & have always wanted to use my talents to share the critically important message of conservative values & freedom, despite what many people in the industry think about this explosive undertaking. Just like Lloyd, I was warned by others to avoid political activism in the entertainment realm. However, I am unabashedly hard headed & strong willed, so that kind of advice doesn’t fly with me… How could I deny to the world, everything that is in me? Why would ANYONE be unfaithful to their own beliefs by keeping them under the proverbial bushel?

    As I contemplated my “mission impossible” to the masses, I chanced upon a rather fascinating producer when seeking a few project completions of my work. We worked together briefly, & kept in touch for a few years, while not realizing the true importance of our initial acquaintance.

    One day in early April of 2010, a spontaneous thought popped into my head. “What if I made a music video to send this incredible message of American revival?” This spark of inspiration was gone almost as quickly as it arrived, because I realized how much it would take to create this piece, & I didn’t possess the financial resources to make it happen. Just a few days later, I received a phone call from my producer, Vlado Kolenic, just to catch up on our lives. Somehow, the subject of the Tax Day Tea Party came up, & he was interested in creating a music video about the event & our great mission !!! I was astonished, since I did not tell him before this about my idea. There was so much I did not know about Mr. Kolenic, & he began to reveal more about his incredible life that very night on the phone. I was very grateful to Vlado for this venture, & even more thankful to learn so much more about this man while working on the project. His story is an inspiration to all of us who tirelessly seek freedom, & you MUST hear it.

    Since the inception & release of this video project, I have been attacked mercilessly by those who hate what we are doing, but, by God’s glorious grace, many more have been touched & motivated by our efforts. I thank all of you who stand together with Vlado & me to fight the good fight, & together, we will win !!!

    Please read the incredible story of Vlado Kolenic & watch our Music video linked below:

    Tale That MUST Be Told !!!

    I am Michaelantonio, a singer/songwriter/entertainer from Las Vegas and I would like to send a message to our misguided leaders…


    There is a compelling story behind this video, & it needs to be heard.

    My producer/director, Vlado Kolenic, was a Rockstar in Czechoslovakia when the Iron Curtain was solidly in place. His band, TAKTICI, topped European music charts surpassing such acts as “Queen,” “The Bee Gees” and “ABBA,” with numerous #1 songs & Gold Records.

    As his success increased, so did his conflict with the Communist Government. More and more restrictions were placed on his music, censoring his lyrics and performances. After the Government cancelled his England tour, Vlado took his wife and two year old son and defected to the U.S.

    I contacted Vlado to help me produce my song, TIME FOR YOU TO GO. I told him about an idea I had to send a message with this little ditty. He was COMPLETELY in favor of the concept, & it aroused feelings in him reminiscent of his harrowing experiences with communism; terrors that we have not seen, but might yet face.

    You see, he LIVED THROUGH the horrors that we have been warned about. Vlado told me, these things we are seeing from this administration & Congress remind him of exactly what his Soviet Bloc country was like. Those horrors are coming if We The People don’t act NOW !!!

    Please read Vlado’s compelling tale in the bio on the web site below, & help us get our message out by telling his story. He knows more about the truth than we can imagine, & our citizens deserve to hear him…

    God Bless America


  5. May 9, 2011 at 12:57 pm

    Lloyd, first let me tell you that it is a pleasure and honor communicating to you. I hope that we will meet someday as I’m certain our values are shared.

    I came out of retirement two years ago and became an active blogger and communicator to our public servants. Before the last election, I started, an online newspaper for Patriots, which listed how every Congressman and Senator voted on Obamacare. I circulated this edition just before the election to the extent that my meager assests permitted. In December, I melted down my fax maxhine contacting every lame duck Senator, in all their offices, to kill the Dream Act. I like to think that my efforts had something to do with its defeat. I have recently temporarily suspended the subscriber edition due to the extensive work going against the Obama Machine entails. Along with other Patriots here in New York, we authored a citizens class action against Barack Obama to remove him from office based on his flagrant disregard for the law and the will of the American people. I am very happy to say that people are signing up, and I have made it clear that (with their approval) I will share this list with any conservative law firm working on Obama’s eligibility issue. We the People DO have standing to challenge the eligibility of our chief executive. I have contacted Judson Philips about this effort and am waiting for his reply. I have become a [reluctant] political activist whose retirement has been disturbed by Obama and his progressive cohorts. My activities and opinions have cost a few friendships and relationships, but this work must be done. Some of my countrymen (I forgive them because they knew not what they were doing) put a madman into the Oval Office; talk of a second term is shear madness – we must not let that happen. Last year I joined the Tea Party and consistently urge my readers to join as well. We will prevail – righteousness is on our side – but we are in the fight of our lives! Anyone wanting to add their stength to the class action is welcome to join – we need numbers and we need organization. I am open to all suggestions from my fellow Patriots – all others need not apply.

    Citizens Class Action Against Barack Obama

  6. Dianne Patti
    May 10, 2011 at 8:16 am

    The above testimonies from monkeychest and snoflake are very touching and much like mine. Having grown up in a white segregated world, it was so enriching for me to become acquainted with our black fellows at work and church. As a science teacher I tirelessly applied myself to getting students equipped to fill their role as God’s children on Earth – His agents of dominion in this world. No time for politics — until Obama.

    His Senate record belied his campaign platitudes about bringing races together. I learned about his pro partial birth abortion history. Then, when, during his campaign he pronounced, “People making over $250,000 are going to pay more….” one word popped into my mind: “MARXIST!” Who the hell are YOU to think you are going to DICTATE TAXES?

    Then we have the dismay of ordering our $$ to go towards foreign organizations that do birth-abortions. Then came the shock of taking over GM, and closing a manufacturing plant, and putting 800+ auto dealers out of business. Blowing a trillion dollars on his friends and calling it stimulus. Taking over banks. WHAT? That’s not in the Constitution! WHERE IS THE OUTCRY?

    Like millions of you, I mailed a TEA bag to the White House. I tuned in, signed up, rallied and wrote. IT’S 1939 ALL OVER AGAIN HERE, FOLKS. WE ARE IN THE FIGHT OF OUR LIVES.

    We don’t have to march in ice mud, eat military rations, carry 100 pounds of gear, sleep on a helmet — we’re in our comfortable homes, and we have nothing stopping us from fighting this war against tyranny. FOR OUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN, THIS RETIRED GRANNY FIGHTS.

    I Thank God for the TEA Party organizations. They are an instant infrastructure for the war on advancing tyranny.

  7. May 19, 2011 at 7:26 am

    Lloyd, I am so proud of you and your wife! This is a great way to preserve our modern day history. You know my story, but here it goes. I was a State Prosecutor for the State of Florida that was invited to teach the Constitution to Conservative groups, to include Tea Party people. I teach the TRUE history of the founding of our nation, not the one that the progressives taught us and are teaching our children. I did all of this on my own time. When my liberal Democrat boss decided he didn’t like who I was talking to he gave me an ultimatum, keep my 1st Amendment right to speech or my paycheck. I chose my rights. Now I travel the country teaching everyone who will listen the message that got me fired: Our Nation has a rich history, our Constitution is NOT a living breathing document, the roots of liberty for our nation can be traced for over 1,000 years. I have written a book: Not a Living Breathing Document; Reclaiming our Constitution and I have written a workshop on the Bill of Rights that covers Amendments 1-10 and the 17th Amendment. I would have never had the courage to stand for the right things had it not been for my faith in God and the support of the Tea Party People. I love my country, pledged my life to it, and will continue to pledge, my life, my fortune, and my sacred honor for her preservation and defense. God Bless America! KrisAnne Hall

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