Conservative Rapper featured in “Feet To The Fire”, New Song by Lloyd Marcus

Conservative Rapper Sarah Starchak

Conservative Rapper Sarah Starchak

Folks, meet Sarah Starchak, brilliant student, super talented singer/songwriter, dancer, beautiful and conservative. Sarah endured severe harassment in high school from her fellow students for her reasoned opposition to worshiping their rock star, Barrack Obama. Winning a scholarship, Sarah begins college in the fall.

If I sound like a proud uncle, I am. Not by blood, but by my relationship with Sarah’s family and her dad, master music producer/engineer Frank Starchak. Frank is the producer of my national American Tea Party Anthem. (Deltona Records)

When Sarah was six, she sang on my “Amazing Graceproject. I am grateful that Sarah has grown into a young lady with her head on straight. Hopefully, she will follow in the foot steps of another “Sarah” from Alaska who is also brilliant, beautiful and conservative.

Feet To The Fire is my newest musical contribution to the Tea Party Movement. The song challenges Obama Care and alerts politicians that we will no longer tolerate their betrayal of the principles on which they were elected. With Obama’s spending effecting the future of Sarah’s generation and beyond, I thought it appropriate that Feet to the Fire ” have broad generational appeal.

Sarah and I will debut the song performing it LIVE Aug. 22nd at the Orlando Tea Party.